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Loki Odinson x Pregnant!Reader: It’s a Baby! Description: An anon requested A LONG TIME AGO for a bunch of pregnancy scenarios with Loki! I was in a bit of a block, but now here I am! “Since you called my name” He answered like nothing happened. Crushingly so. ~ Beau Taplin (For Life) A/N: Y/F/F = Your Favourite Flower “I really don’t think this is a good idea. • Not an angry fit! An “Oh my god, Y/N you look stunning!” Fit. Pairing: Loki x Reader. Omegas are generally very caring, gentle, sweet, and kind. You've always done your best to gain his attention, and be the best for him. ” Loki x Reader - Little things do matter (Chapter 4 - 6) Chapter 1 - 3 Thor and Loki are back on Earth. 3200 words Warning/s: Kissing eh, #111: Loki x Reader. As children, the three of you played and became friends. Oct 2, 2018 Reader Summary: Beauty and the Beast AU in which Loki is forced to stay Soon she reached the bench in the park and gently slid her fingers  Sep 17, 2018 Loki was touch starved, and had been for a while, needing to feel Loki caught you around the waist and gently set you upright, making sure you . ALSO SAD AF (b/c IW was SAD AF!)*Set in Thor: The Dark World, end of battle w/ Kurse & Dark Elves* “I’ll tell father what Scenario: Loki is the newest member of the Avengers. You wasn't asleep when the ship ground to a h loki of asgard loki x you loki x reader loki odinson loki loki x reader smut loki laufeyson marvel mcu thor ragnarok thor peter parker steve rogers captinmarvel bucky barnes spiderman avengers endgame infinity war ca:cw iron man ironstrange tony stark black widow natasha romanoff Loki x reader Fanfiction. It had been a long and exhausting day, so by the time you were able to crawl into bed, you melted into the sea of sheets. ” ~ Lang Leav “I swear to you,” Y/N clasped her hands together, “I would never do something like that. However between Loki’s fingers pounding into you, and the feel of his free hand running up and down your side, the pain was overwhelmed by pure pleasure. Positive (Part 11) - Loki x Reader. Though you are a mortal Midgardian, you've been blessed by Frigga to live as long as an Asgardian. You went into the library to find a good book and a place to relax for a few hours, away from the noise of the other avengers. You could tell that one was an action figure of some description, another was a flimsy piece of card, but there was something else… it felt like a plush toy… “Seven Minutes in Heaven ~ Loki EXTENDED” – Avengers (andLoki) x Reader The bag was filled with so many different items. Solely fluff. The Rain falls And So Do I (Loki x Reader) Warnings: Smut… lot’s of smut. Warnings: Night terrors + snakes - ew! Summary: Loki has a nightmare and you bear the consequences. “You Can be Afraid” Loki x Reader Desc. summary: loki, now king of asgard, finally performs the rite of ascension with his wife!reader to make her both a goddess and the queen of asgard. This is not a big spoiler, but I don’t know what you guys, individually, classify as a spoiler. Part 1. Loki was a completely different person now, no longer the gentle and mischievous prince you had fallen in love with. “Says the god of mischief. Anonymous Request: The fem!reader and Loki are snuggling when the  Sep 14, 2014 "Flirting" Loki x Reader –Chapter 1 The gentle touch of his hands on your waist made you jump slightly, and when he leaned closer to your  Jan 4, 2018 Reader let's him in because Loki has a lot on his mind a. It was one of those moments when I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed and the story hit me like a ton of bricks. ” He unbutton your shorts and took it off, threw it away somewhere with your underwear. You do your best at everything, even after your ma Loki x reader Fanfiction. Sep 27, 2016 No Hugs: Loki x Reader “Alright Avengers, announcement to make! to pat Thor on the back gently before he finally set you down, “Thanks! Aug 28, 2016 Think of Me - Loki x Reader (part 1) Request: “Loki and the reader are He looked worried and knelt down in front of you and gently held your  Aug 3, 2016 Loki x Reader I was inspired by @tom-hiddleston-imagines and She gently pushed you away, not giving you the opportunity to respond. Feel free to also go check out my Wattpad, ShawnerificPotter. SUMMARY: Being caught in the cross hairs of The God of Mischief would scare a saner person but not you, you enjoy it. Word Count: 1500 (give or take a few) A/n: The movie isn’t out yet but when you see an image like that, how can you possibly #47: Loki x Reader Thanks so much @anhartcuteneon for requesting I tried to make it as accurate to the movie as possible. Mischief, Meet Your Match - Chapter Fifteen (Loki x Reader) WARNINGS: Graphic Violence and Gore, Swearing, Smut, Angst, Idiots in Love, Loki. it’s a somewhat sensual and intimate ritual. While you placed timid, gentle Loki x Reader What if feels like (fluff)“You know, I miss the time when we were children; nothing to worry about, no Tesseract, no Aether, dark elves” Y/N said to break the silence between them and “Give me Love” – Loki x Reader Chapter 18 *** There was still something in the back of your mind that told you to stay alert. Reader works at this bookstore/cafe and helps calm him down. He needs to get some alone time, so he escapes to a simple bookstore/cafe in a secluded, artsy part of the city. Sure, he did some not so sweet and kind things down in the Underground but he saw it necessary to save his people. if I messed up anything, feel free to tell me so I can fix it. • Oh, Loki would have a fit if his beautiful s/o cut their hair. Well the last month really flew by and I hadn’t realized it had been THAT long since I updated this Work has been nuts (I got a promotion yay :P) and been exhausted every day I went to write this. “We were happy and they punished us for it. Loki Taking You His Girlfriend to Meet Odin and Frigga:• you’re super nervous • after all, they are gods • you’re even nervous days before • Loki just holds you close when you tell him about it • he In Denial: Loki x Reader (NSFW) SMUT Drabble Summary: Loki is sleeping deeply and reader wakes him during his slumber with cuddles. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Loki x Reader: My Hope Loki x Reader: My Hope It was twilight and the unrelenting rain that currently fell from the gray sky had long since soaked the world of green that a certain young woman had cared to look upon. Angel Eyes (Modern AU Loki x Reader ) A/N: I was listening to song Angel Eyes by ABBA and I was singing a long when I realized that the lyrics suit Loki’s perfectly so here’s a story. Empathetic Eyes. He moved your tank top up higher, caressing your sides gently. anonymous asked:. Sleepyheads (Loki x Reader) This was requested by @ evansleftboobgrablaugh (You got cute ideas like this one, floating all around your brain?) “Hi! Can I please request a Loki x reader where the team Anonymous said: can i request loki with the reader who doesn't like talking to ppl that much but at like a party she kinda has to and afterward loki takes the reader to a quiet place and they just Floor is Lava Loki x reader Floor is Lava Disclaimer :I do not own any characters Summary: Loki yells the floor is lava and the Avengers scramble to get off the floor before he turns it to Unification (Loki x reader) A/N This is a piece I wrote for @startrekkingaroundasgard 2k writing challenge. Loki Laufeyson x Reader One Shots [Requests Open!] Big Brother!Loki x Little Sister!Reader. . This blog is about selfmade comics, written kinks and tablet drawn art for HL2, DAO, DEHR, LotR and ME2/ME3. Her small gentle “pairing: loki x reader request: hi!! can you write a fluffy fic where loki’s first date w the reader is a movie night where they cuddle a lot and they have their first kiss there Beg For Me - Loki x Reader Summary: Loki fancies (Y/N) but refuses to do anything about it. Since the very first greeting, you had been a source of intrigue for the god of Mischief, not that you had any idea of it. You head snapped up in surprise to where Loki was watching you, an almost gentle expression on his face, not the Master of MischiefPairing: Loki x Reader Prompt: Would you be open to writing a really rough Loki smut? Like one where he possibly makes you call him master? If not totally cool I get it no problem Summary: the reader and Loki wake up in the morning together (per usual) and just chat before starting the day. Loki bestrides on your body and moved his face near to you. My favorite actor is Tom Hiddleston. Pairing: Loki x Reader ***** After the battle of New York, Thor and the rest of the Avengers agreed that Loki should serve his time on Earth. )) You looked outside your window, sitting on the blue covered window seat, and smiled as the Loki X Amnestic!Reader Avengers Series : 5. Paring : Ben Paul x Reader. Positive (Part 3) - Loki x Reader. Thor takes quick notice of what his brother desires and takes matters into his own hands. And while the God of Thunder is being crowded by a group of fangirls, you’re more interested in World of Gods: Loki x Goddess!Reader Part II Summary: The Gala of Champions had just begun, and while preparing yourself for your entrance, excitement begins to run through your veins. The bag was filled with so many different items. I Still Hate You - Loki x Reader Summary: Reader and Loki hate each other but eventually end up sleeping together (Requested by anon) Notes: This is definitely kind of AU as I couldn’t think of a No Matter What - Loki x Reader. Reader x Loki] Summary : Loki receives a marriage proposal from a young princess and accepts, becoming King of his own realm. Just as your hand passed through the threshold of the bag a loud knock echoed through the lounge room, making you flinch and pull your hand back. You decide to read over some letters Loki had given to you throughout your courtship. so here’s some loki fluff fo ya :3 Warnings: none Paring: Please, Kiss Me (Part 2/6) Summary: (Loki x reader) five times that Loki kissed you, and the one time you kissed him: you and Loki share a midnight kiss to welcome the New Year. “Look s like you missed me more than I think. thorodinson, infinitywar,  Mar 2, 2018 Soothing Fears (Loki x Reader Drabble) Just a small, short idea that Whimpers left my mouth before I felt kind and gentle hands grab my  Feb 21, 2016 I'll Always Be With You (Loki x Reader) A/N: It's been a while since I posted, I know. Also i didn’t read it over so ignore the errors, kay? Loki x Reader: Love At First Sight Warning(s): none Third person’s point of view The younger prince looked over at his appearance in the mirror. It was a loose term since you rarely were allowed to see them. Loki had changedon Earth, he understood what he did was wrong, and he felt sorry. i hope this WITH MY WHOLE HEART (Loki X Reader) WARNING: AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR SPOILERS. This wasn’t the first time he’d been kind, and if history were to repeat, then his bad side would come back with a vengeance soon “Seven Minutes in Heaven ~ Loki EXTENDED” – Avengers (andLoki) x Reader The bag was filled with so many different items. A bit of a steamy kiss ;) (A/N: I hope this is okay! Early Morning News (Loki x Reader) A/N: GoT fans know what scene I’m referencing here! Loki opened his eyes, his first sight of the day being his arm draped over the currently vacant spot on the bed Down for you Loki x Reader A/n: ok i know it took a while but i needed to wait till i finally had more then one day off to finish my writing. Ek ann þér - Loki x Reader Happy Valentine’s day, Darlings! Hope you’re with someone you love, and most importantly, I hope you’re loving yourself! Here’s this little thing that was requested by an Dead Birds - Ben Paul x Reader. Words: 1,652. His hand There, he bit down gently. It amazes you how so many people, humans, and monsters alike, are terrified of him. Instead of gentle teasing, Loki bit down on your nipple, sending sharp, electrifying pain through your chest. Good Woman Part 7 (Peter Parker x Female Reader) justcallmehitgirl: “Summary: Trouble is brewing for Spider-Man, and Y/N finally founds out the truth. Authors Notes: I was so happy with the feedback I got from the first part, thank you all so much!! Here’s part 2, I hope you enjoy it! It’s a bit wordy. 21. May 10, 2015 Loki X Reader: A Love That Was More Than Love. His pale face was framed by his jet black hair that Anonymous said: What about a Loki x fem reader where the reader is having period pains and Loki trys to help? Also your writing is amazing and i love it Answer: sorRY THIS TOOK SO LONG and thank you He holds you carefully and sweetly despite the claws and sharp teeth, he’s always gentle and loving with you. Am I still going to write fanfiction now? Yes. You could tell that one was an action figure of some description, another was a flimsy piece of card, but there was something else… it felt like a plush toy… "Seven Minutes in Heaven ~ Bucky EXTENDED VERSION" – Avengers (and Loki) x Reader. Warning: Sexual Themes ~~~~~ It was the best day of your life. It is for the trope of arranged marriage with Loki (shocking I know). The grass beneath you was soft and dry, your flowing robes spread around you were overlapped with A Valkyrie and a Mischievous God | Loki x Reader Chapter 2: Training *EDITED* ‘Dear Journal, after finding out about my minor issue regarding this whole training and such, Loki has promised to prepare Love in the Winter (Loki x Reader) SAMPLE ((This is a sample of a request I have done for someone before. Strawberries and vanilla. Masquerade (Loki x Reader) 1. “Let me help you. I couldn’t sleep for the life of me, and I was bored as hell. You didn’t even know Equilibrium (6/?)Pairings: Loki x Reader Summary: (Y/N) struggles to regain control of her powers after she is assaulted one night behind a bar. I’m listening to the song Clair de Lune and am feeling really inspired. You sighed out animatedly and put your hands on his shoulders, shaking him gently . What a great story by Loki she did a wonderful job in bringing together Lilly a scientist and Adam a Cyborg , she had been a part of the team that created him . I’ll post the Loki x Pregnant!Reader in a few minutes, then start working on all the next!!! Knight in Shining Armor (Loki Lafeyson x Female Reader) (GIF NOT MINE, CREDIT GOES TO OWNER) Words: 1546 (Holy shit??!) Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader, Thor Odinson x Reader (platonic), OMC Aking Mahal (Loki X Reader) Summary: As you are preparing for what’s to come. but stick with me! happy feels are coming. Because there was something that had to happen and I wouldn’t dare leave it out. ” Loki x Reader: Slap! Caution: This is a scene from Thor: Ragnarok. For hours she had sat at her window, gazing out onto the rainy evening, letting her depression and questionable thoughts consume her. Hellooo could I request a George Weasley x Reader in which the reader is s Slytherin and the both of them act like they hate each other but everyone around them can see that they are in love and maybe with a fluffy ending? Thank youuuu-Warnings- An explosion, but no one gets hurt. I love to read, write, draw, and sing. The team started to let him out of the tower, under supervison, of course. It ended up being real Paperwork - Loki Laufeyson x Reader Request: Loki from the avengers really wants to hang out with the reader but she is always busy and he gets really sad and she feels really bad for him. Originally posted by maryxglz. You open your eyes lazily - the ray of sunshine keeps annoying you, so you frown for a second and turn on one side and blink to rush the dreams away. You do your best at everything, even after your ma How DARE You? - (Loki x Reader, Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader) iunderstoodthatreferenceimagines:. Competition Of The Heart (Loki x reader) Chapter 2 - The First Meeting. Hey! My name is Vonara. I write Sweet!Loki x Reader fluff mostly. Every picture, coverpic, videofile, posted fanfic and comic available for download is made by myself! My Compass (Loki x Reader) Pt. Loki X Reader Fan-Fiction Series' gentle, loving Loki” You gripped onto the counter and managed to pull yourself up, you stumbled into your bedroom. You dropped the sheets,them falling with a soft thud and pooling around your feet. It wasn’t too cold or hot, and there was a gentle breeze. ” Sigyn raised an eyebrow at her husband. “We were happy,” she said, and her eyes, downcast and brimming, reminded him of how the sky was before the first splash of rain. Just as the credits started to roll signalling the end of the film there came a loud shriek from upstairs as you "Seven Minutes in Heaven ~ Loki EXTENDED" – Avengers (and Loki) x Reader. pairing: loki x reader . You're Loki's servant. Your legs were shaky, your head pounding after your journey through the The Silent Truth (Loki x Reader) Inspired by this imagine. Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x A Bet With Gods (Loki X Reader)Tony, Steve, Natasha and Loki were all sitting in the living room in Stark Tower, they were all watching a film apart from Loki who was reading a very large book on the causes of the First World War. Legolas X Reader Lemon this is short but a lot of people liked it so i’m uploading it here, read at your own risk. reader-insert, thor, loki. loki loki x reader loki x reader fanfiction loki/reader loki and reader loki fanfic loki fanfiction loki x you loki and you loki/you loki marvel loki of asgard loki of jotunheim loki on midgard loki in love soft loki loki and periods loki odinson loki laufeyson loki friggason loki fandom loki imagine loki prompt loki request loki imagine prompt Lazy Library Days, Loki x reader When it happened it was by chance. I really tried not to break 2K but It just kinda happened. Read Everlasting {Loki x Reader} from the story THOR RAGNAROK One-Shots by spndarling (𝕲𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖎𝖊☆) with 9390 reads. A/N: I’ve been rewatching run through of The Walking Dead Video game, considering I’m a big fan of the show, and Ben’s character honestly really really grew on me. Summary: It’s your love of rain and the joy at feeling it on your skin that makes Loki realize what it is that he loves. Loki inhaled through his nose,his eyes raking over your figure,before stopping at your face. Teddy Bear Pairing: Loki x Reader Prompt/request: A/N: this is the filthiest thing i have written till now. Avengers x Reader - Seven Minutes in Heaven: Loki. I was inspired by @tom-hiddleston-imagines and want to make sure they get all the credit for this short fic. However, he gets more than he bargains for as he learns that the kingdom has more than meets the eye and he finds himself in the middle of something sinister. Beautiful. Tony thinks that bringing Loki in will help. The stars twinkled above me, dancing on the black blanket that was the night sky. Notes Loki Laufeyson x Reader - Oneshot - Hickey. “Because I love you” Loki x Reader Request: Loki x reader where loki turns into a snake to trick thor while they’re kids but instead y/n finds him and she also loves snakes so she takes him in as a Letters to my Darling- Loki x Reader |Part nine| This one is actually way longer than the rest, my limit for the parts has only been 400 words, but this ended up crossing that. But anyway, enjoy. " "Loki? Gentle? I heard he would have killed an old man  Oct 25, 2018 Loki trying to be gentle with you would include :(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Loki! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not  What (lemon) from the story Loki x Reader by ShandiLaufeyHatake (Shandi Lokis lips met yours in a gentle, reassuring manner "I love you" he whispered. He was rather quiet and gentle. You look like the rest of my life. How could it be that this gentle touch was able to set a flame within you that burnt brighter than all of his Flower Crown Queen - Loki x Reader The sun hung high in the sky like a glistening gem above you. I am a huge fan of Loki. • You find Loki taking more glances at you than usual. Loki x Reader - When the Future Meets the Past (Endgame Spoilers) Summary: After Loki takes back the tesseract in New York, he uses it to escape but he doesn’t go alone, because you follow him. Prove It (12/?) [Ft. His hands went to her waist, pulling her closer gently. Wanted to thank everyone again for following this story and all the feedback I’ve gotten! It’s been a lot of fun to write, and I still have some ideas for it and maybe even a short sort of spin-off in the future. You could tell that one was an action figure of some description, another was a flimsy piece of card, but there was something else… it felt like a plush toy… Pairing: Loki x reader Summary: the reader has the fear of being annoying, so she always stops talking as soon as she feels like she may overstep a tiny boundary Loki’s grin widened when your walls of security were finally broken down. could u maybe do a loki one where like the reader was married or wthvr to loki and uses the time travel stuff after thanos is dead and brings back the loki from the end of ragnarok before thanos could kill him and its just kinda angsty+ soft because its been Five Years since she had him with her Loki wiped his face with the black towel,and truned around only to be met with Y/N’s scent. At first glance, Loki thought Amber was faking her condition to deceive Mr. She had gentle (e/c) eyes, along with amazing (h/c) hair. : Reader is afraid of the dark, but has been trying to hide it. Reader’s POV "Are you serious?" Gilda placed a gentle hand on my arm and offers me a sweet smile, "Do not fret my Lord, I will be Champion Selection - Loki x Reader Warnings: Romance, angst, fluff, humour. Anyways this is a very fluffy part I think the characters needed. Ever since meeting the princes of Asgard, you had tried to be tougher and stronger. Stark; Upon further investigation he learned that she was merely an innocent and helpless child Bruce Banner x Male Reader Warnings: None ~~~~~ I laid on the roof outside my bedroom window, my arms folded behind my head. I am a potter head and my hogwarts houses are Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Notes: Eeeeeeee, I LOVE Loki so freaking much, I can relate to him and his family issues. gif is not mine loki x reader loki loki imagine imagine loki reader insert Avengers infinity war avengers infinity The pad of his thumb starting gentle strokes to ‘Can I request a Loki x plus size reader where the reader has depression and Loki somehow found out about the depression and tries to in a way get her to tell him bc he doesn’t understand why she would keep something like that from him? If you can’t its totally ok : D thanks love!’ Piano, Loki x reader A/N: is it currently 4am on Christmas? Yes. Word Count: 4500 Warnings: Angst and some On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks,  May 18, 2014 Softness (LokixReader) One-Shot. The Ravens - Loki x Reader(f) Part 2. She walked in on the team from Ascent Labs beating and torturing him when she tried to stop them she was escorted out and fired. tw: acephobia Loki imagine platonic Loki imagine Loki Loki Laufeyson Loki Odinson Loki x reader platonic!Loki x reader anonymous ask answered thank you for the ask! also i referred to read as them because it was easiest and most inclusive sorry if that makes it harder to read Think of Me - Loki x Reader (part 1) Request: “Loki and the reader are childhood best friends and the reader has feelings for Loki and thinks that he doesn’t have feelings for her (although he does). Believe in Me (Loki x Reader) - Part 2/3 *Infinity War Spoilers Ahead!* Pairing: Loki x Reader Words: 644 Warnings: v sad + v angsty, honestly. Read Chapter 10 from the story Loki X Reader by PrincessBumbleBee97 with 10,995 reads. Equilibrium (5/?)Pairings: Loki x Reader Summary: (Y/N) struggles to regain control of her powers after she is assaulted one night behind a bar. Masterlist ——————— You arrived in Asgard early the next morning, as your mother said you would. ” He smiled a foxy smile. Little does he know it’s you from the future and you’re an Avenger now, on a mission to secure the team gets the space stone. Stark; Upon further investigation he learned that she was merely an innocent and helpless child Love in the Winter (Loki x Reader) SAMPLE ((This is a sample of a request I have done for someone before. He deserves love~! Pairing: Loki x Reader Summary: Hey!I was wondering if you could write sg like the reader is a mermaid in a tank kept by Odin as an exhibition and Loki sees her for the first time and share eyecontact & they fell for each other. gentle loki x reader

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